MBBS in Russia

     Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990's and formation of the Russian Federation Russian medical universities has opened its doors for students of foreign origin to study MBBS in Russia. At those times students were not sure of how and where to get information on how to study MBBS in Russia. The internet was not in existence at that time in India. Even at those difficult times brave and determined students from India did manage to get admission to study MBBS in Russia in the most reputed medical colleges in Russia.

     Science and technology was not as developed at those times as it is now. Since there was no mobile phones and internet the only mode of communication students had with their homeland was through letters and the letters had to go through the Indian Embassy. But the times have changed now and students do not have to go through even a hundredth of hardships that the older generation of students had to endure in order to study MBBS in Russia.

    Now Russia is the most preffered of destinations for sudying MBBS. Students who enroll to study MBBS in Russia have many new technologies at their disposal for communicating with their loved ones back home. IP telephony , Internet voice messaging systems and other digital technologies make this happen. Keeping in touch with family and friends will never be a problem for students studying MBBS in Russia since Sputnik Education staff will enlighten them with all the available options.

   Russia is the biggest country in the world and has four time zones spanning from Europe in the west to Alaska in the east. Russia has most of the climatic conditions in the world from cold to hot. Most of the russian population live in the north west region of the Russian Federation. There are four seasons in the north west region where most of the medical universities are located and they summer, autumn , winter and spring. Russia is a country with a rich history and heritage and tourists from all over the world come to visit Russia round the year. Students studying MBBS in Russia will be exposed to one of the most welcoming, colourful and vibrant culture in the world. 

  Russian language is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Russian language is the official language of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kyrgystan. Russian language is of the indo european language family and is one of the three living members of slavic languages. Russian language is the seventh most spoken languages of the world. Though Russian language looks and sounds tough it is one of the most easiest to learn languages in the world. Indian students studying MBBS in Russia become very fluent in the language at the first few months of their first academic year.

 Russians are very friendly and welcoming to foreigners especially to students from India coming to study MBBS in Russia. Indians are held in high esteem in Russia because of the decades long friendship between both the countries for a long time. India is Russia's all season friend. Students studying MBBS in Russia will undoubtedly have an amazing time of their life pursuing the career of their dreams and Sputnik Education will be there all along to make sure that their dreams come true.