Welcome to Sputnik Education, the leading education consultant for MBBS admissions in Russia in India. 



  Sputnik Education is a premium educational consultancy launched in Chennai with the aim of helping indian students with their admissions in the best medical universities in Russia. Sputnik Education - Chennai, India  was launched with the sole aim of helping Indian students to study MBBS in Russia in the best medical colleges in Russia with ultimate transparency. Sputnik Education has contracts with the best Medical council of India recognized  medical universities in Russia.

    Sputnik Education India has brought on medical admissions in Russia with the nominal fees structure. With Sputnik Education each  Indian student can realize his or her dream of studying MBBS in Russia and be a medical doctor by paying just the ¼ and less of the amount that any private medical college in India is taking from a student. As of 2015, students in India pays about RS 50 to 60 Lakhs  for the MBBS course in private medical colleges in India. Whereas Sputnik facilitates the whole course for just ¼ and less of the amount (with the yearly student medical insurance and hostel fees included ) in the Medical council of India recognized medical universities of Russia. Another advantage for the student who enrolls for MBBS in Russia through Sputnik Education is that Sputnik Education allows the Indian students to pay the fees directly to the university making it the most convenient for the students and parents.

   Sputnik staff members accompanies each and every batch of students leaving from India for MBBS in Russia. Our staff members in Moscow will supervise and facilitate the induction of the students in their respective universities and hostels. At Sputnik Education each and every Indian student will experience the prioritized attention and care from the entry level of processing to admission and after.The satisfaction of our  previous students and parents is the only motivational power that is keeping us going year after year.

   Students from India have been travelling to Russia to study MBBS in Russia ever since the break up of the soviet union in the 90's, thousands of medical graduates who have completed MBBS in Russia have come back to their home country and have practiced for over two decades and are held in high esteem in many medical institutions in India and abroad. Studying MBBS in Russia through Sputnik Education is a golden opportunity for students for a rewarding career.



Admission Guaranteed

Once the admission process is started with Sputnik Education for MBBS in Russia, admission is guaranteed.


No Entrance Exams

There are no entrance examinations for students enrolling for MBBS in russia, the admission process is very straightforward.


No Donation

Donation system is absolutely non existent for students who wish to pursue MBBS in Russia. Hence very affordable.


Seats Guaranteed

Seats are 100% guaranteed for students who enroll for MBBS in Russia through Sputnik Education.